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Discussing challenges and identifying strategies with Charlotte has been a positive and rewarding experience for me as a nursing supervisor. I either walk away enlightened with a different point of view or discussions reinforce what I already know and allow me to stay on track. The sessions help me to stay focused on both my goals and my department's goals. 
--Carole, Nursing Supervisor, medical facility


Charlotte keeps me focused on the important issues and how to communicate them effectively.  I find that I use techniques we worked with on a daily basis.  I am trying to match how I deliver the message to the audience I am communicating with.
--John, Department Chief, medical facility


Personal coaching is about becoming all you are meant to be, about living a life of passion, purpose, and impact. Charlotte has created the space for me to soar as a person. Her impact has been enormous. Who I am becoming is due to Charlotte's support, encouragement, and commitment.
--Diana, life coach client


I first began working with Charlotte in 2002 when the supervisors in my department sponsored an off-site meeting
to discuss issues our team faced working cohesively.  Charlotte was familiar with our organization; her expertise and style of working were a great match for our group.  

Charlotte and I began working together after that off-site as I felt the need to more effectively manage my growing responsibilities and examine the positive and negative effects of my leadership approach. Working with Charlotte has been an extremely positive and productive experience.  She is an attentive listener who quickly ascertains the issues at hand and has a number of effective strategies and tools to offer.  I have always felt very supported by Charlotte even when she was clear in pointing out self-defeating patterns and stumbling blocks I was putting up around my professional development.  

I was surprised at how quickly and thoroughly Charlotte began to understand me and how optimistic yet realistic she has been about my ability to grow professionally.  I have been particularly struck by her focus on my developing my own style rather than conforming to a mold and on maximizing my strengths and creating my own unique approach from there.  Working with Charlotte has always felt comfortable and I would often find myself repeating her "words of wisdom" during tough moments with staff.  

As a result of my work with Charlotte I feel more confident about my abilities,  more clear about the pros and cons of my style, and more reassured that my interactions can be successful.  I have a better understanding of which resources I need to augment the less well-developed areas of my leadership foundation and possess resources to assist me.  Charlotte's assessment of my leadership qualities and the consultation she has provided around tools and approaches necessary for making progress towards mutually identified goals has been invaluable in my professional career development.
--Pat, Assistant Department Manager, health care facility 


My department leadership offered me the opportunity to work with Charlotte when I moved into a supervisory role for my workgroup. Charlotte had previously facilitated multiple team building off-sites for workgroups throughout the department. Working with Charlotte has allowed me to grow into my management role.

I learned to work with who I am, rather than trying to change to fit the job, and now have a better understanding of my leadership style.  I have had the opportunity to reflect and learn from past experiences, role play potentially difficult encounters, and strategize next moves.

I have also learned to confront issues more directly, rather than hoping things will change on their own. Charlotte is a true coach, encouraging and positive with concrete suggestions to keep me grounded and moving forward in my work.  
--Mary, Department Manager, health care facility


Charlotte Toothman
Organization and Leadership Development
Consultant and Life Coach

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