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Authorized Facilitator of the Team Diagnostic Assessment

HBDI Certified


As a leader do you sometimes struggle to get the results you know are possible from your organization?

Perhaps despite your best efforts do you see:

    • communication breakdowns
    • competition between departments
    • high conflict and low morale
    • lack of innovation and motivation

Now imagine the flip side of that coin.

People on your teams are aligned with each other and your company goals and together you are meeting productivity goals. People challenge each other to think differently and include different perspectives. Trust is high, people are motivated and there is passion in the air.

Is this just a pretty dream? Why haven't you been able to achieve this kind of alignment and productivity before on your own?

Large organizations typically rely on online universities, workshops and training to create the leaders and team players they need. Unfortunately, classes, workshops and training provide very little applicable learning for most people. Studies show that retention is often low or dwindles over time and most people aren’t able to make real, substantive changes to their day to day work.

Is there a better way?

Coaching provides an alternative to classes with an excellent return on investment and the capacity to create productive energized teams. Unlike a class which can be generic, coaching is customized learning which allows the person or the team to practice and deepen their learning over time so that new skill sets and patterns are established. Coaching starts where people are, utilizing strengths to build skills by working day to day with real challenges. Through team coaching the members of the team learn to share accountability for getting results.

I'm Charlotte Toothman and I have been working with teams, executives and individuals since 1994. I work with organizations of many kinds including not-for-profit, public and private. Leaders and members of these organizations experienced increased morale and overall effectiveness as a result of the work we have done together.

My department leadership offered me the opportunity to work with Charlotte when I moved into a supervisory role for my workgroup.
I learned to work with who I am, rather than trying to change to fit the job, and now have a better understanding of my leadership style. I have also learned to confront issues more directly, rather than hoping things will change on their own.

Charlotte is a true coach, encouraging and positive with concrete suggestions to keep me grounded and moving forward in my work.”
--Mary, Department Manager, health care facility

I invite you to visit the services page of this website to learn more about me and the type of work I do.

Please call me, Charlotte Toothman at 510-409-0451 or email me using the contact form. In our first conversation we'll talk about your organization and how I might support your desire to create an organization where people are passionate, committed and are productive.

Charlotte Toothman
Organization and Leadership Development
Consultant and Life Coach

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